Association of South Africa

Election Manifesto


IRASA, through its independent Councillors, is committed to fight for the rights of ratepayer’s and residents and to depoliticise local Government in SA.  It is our collective responsibility as ratepayers to exercise our democratic right and civil duty by being the watchdog over political parties that govern our cities and towns.  Ratepayers cannot take a back seat while all municipalities are deteriorating under the agenda and games of political parties.  It is a known fact that political party councilors must tow the party line by pushing the agenda of the political party above the interests on the community and ratepayers they were elected to serve.  Why waste your vote on a politician from a political party, rather put your support behind yourself – support the ratepayer’s candidate!

IRASA will ensure that municipalities nationally are managed effective, efficient, transparent and in a financially accountable manner in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Legislations.  The independent Councillors through IRASA will promote fair and equitable distribution of municipal services ensuring that service delivery is reliable, affordable and quality is sustainable.  By exercising responsible citizenship – putting the ratepayer first IRASA will restore the dignity and service quality of cities and towns in SA.  Strong independent ratepayer representation can only strengthen our municipalities going forward.


  1. Route out and fight Corruption where ever it is found
  2. Ensure Quality Service Delivery to all residents
  3. Provide Clean Water and Reliable Electricity
  4. Affordable Rates and value for money
  5. Action on roads and repair of potholes
  6. Fight poverty and inequality
  7. Empower the disadvantaged no matter of race and colour 
  8. Create Jobs and economic opportunities for all residents
  9. Initiating growth and development in line with the GDS 2050
  10.  Improve the quality of life of resident through the responsible allocation resources

The mandate voters give IRASA in 2021 will not only ensure responsible local government but it will advance our democracy rather than restrict it, by responsible independent ratepayer oversight.  IRASA envisage that this will not only improve service delivery for ratepayers but it will create an well managed local government environment that can stimulate local economic development to attend to the economic ills of municipalities in SA.  Surely the time has come to get the services you are paying for?

IRASA serves the ratepayers and residents of the community,

as opposed to serving a political party or political master.

IRASA Councillors vote according to their conscience,

and what the community wants

Isn’t it time we go basic to basics,

and deliver basic services like clockwork,

at an affordable cost?


June 2016