IRASA is the Independent Ratepayers Association of Southern Africa, a national ratepayers organization registered at the IEC to partake in elections

We welcome individuals as members and work with affiliates and interest groups.  If you are part of a community based organization or an independent ratepayer’s association in South Africa, talk to us about the 2016 municipal elections, and how you could maximize the effect your votes have.

Our members and public representatives vote and act according to their conscience, to what is best for their constituents and their area, as opposed to what the collective may want, or what office bearers may think or wish in another part of the country.

There are key benefits for a community in fighting any election under the IRASA banner.  We are also a home for those who feel alienated by the political circus it sometimes has become, for any votes that voters do not want to give to the major political parties, or votes that may not have been cast otherwise.

Kindly join us as a member of IRASA, or as an affiliate organisation.  You may also contact us at