Why vote for IRASA in the 2021 elections?

IRASA has a record of clean governance in municipalities, and affiliate with other ratepayer and resident organizations, to turn democracy back onto its feet. 

Inserting more political party officials into the mix is not the answer, we need action people with common sense, not ideological hotheads barely out of school.  You will find that the big political parties have bigger fish to fry, and that everything is subject to their national agenda, which is unlikely to work for most of the local community’s needs.

Fear is the worst motivator, and we often need to work together to get results, rather than the bickering, posturing and fear mongering that we see so often, and the practice to attack everyone near to score a few points.

There is a reason councilors were called ‘elders’ in the past, and we at IRASA will leave it in better shape than we found it, which is not always the case at the moment.   You have seen the devastating effect in Greece for example, where they vote for the same people in the hope that they will get things right the next time around, and where career politicians decimate their youth’s future by their shortsightedness and greed.

Business is overburdened with red tape and excessive costs and we will work very hard to make the environment more business friendly.  Those promising jobs when they get into power so glibly, have no idea what they are talking about.  We need to change we way we think and act, and hard work lays ahead.  Development is a priority, and only when the wheels turn, can we look at transforming society to where we wish to be. 

Pragmatism need to be the order of the day, and not idealism.   Talking and good ideas are just that, we need to learn to implement well thought out plans effectively.  If not, our business and consequently private lives will remain under pressure, even more so.

We ask for a chance to show you what we can do, and if you go to our wards pages on our website, you can already start listing your issues there, so it can be addressed.

Our Party Candidates do not have to do any party work, and will be deployed across the municipality for help focus resources, resolve issues, and to drive service delivery and change where needed, just as IRASA have been doing during and after the previous three elections.  We are now in KZN eThekwini as well, and really care for those around us, as opposed of being employed by a party, then deployed as a proxy.  Our Councillors will not vote and act like sheep, and are not there to please their political masters.

There is a reason why some of the big political parties continuously rumour-monger, fear-monger and back stab, some fear democracy itself, and wish to impose their impractical ideologies, and network of elitist friends on the electorate. 

We endeavour to work together with other electives to transform the realities of the day.   Often those parties who only oppose, are being seen hunkering for the old days, being arrogant and even insensitive to our history of discrimination.   Opposing everything will not bring you very far in our day and age.    Those who claim that smaller parties cannot make a difference are misinformed, as the balance of power can be held by one councilor of the 219 in eThekwini, and who will forget the Minority Front holding this power some years ago?   

A small group of dedicated and experienced persons can have a massive impact on society, and we have many plans for community development and to seed start-up projects.  “There is a crack, that’s how the light gets in” (Leonard Cohen in his song Anthem)

IRASA LogoPlease entrust us with your vote for the Independent Ratepayers Association of SA ward candidate, and the IRASA party vote in the 2016 elections, so we can focus on our local communities to bring service delivery and a new way of doing

The IRASA Election Manifesto is at, including details of each Ward, and residents can tell us about their issues in the surveys on their ward page.


“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”   Mark Twain

We do affiliate ratepayers and residents organizations,

who then choose their own candidate(s) to put forward.